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Is milk delivery the next step in low waste lifestyle?

By susie 1 year ago
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In 2018 the Government funded organisation WRAP started the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign, which aims to get the UK to stop putting so much food waste in the bin.

At present it’s estimated that the UK throws away £13 billion of food each year, which per household equates to £470 of food being put in the bin, when it could have been eaten.

While the cost might make you squirm, the underlying issue is that we are becoming a nation of throw-away addicts who are creating huge mountains of waste that spill into the environment.

Cutting down your food waste and being conscious of what you’re buying and consuming isn’t hard – in fact it can save you money, and help to support some of the local businesses in your area.

As a food company that believes in sustainable shopping, we’ve revealed some of the simple things you can do at home to help you cut down on your food waste.

Organise Your Menu

Plan your shopping and know what you need.

Surprisingly, many of us still venture to the shops with no idea of what we’re going to buy or what meals we’re going to eat in the coming week. This not only means we often buy more than we need leading to an increase in food waste, but it ends up being a costly experience for the bank balance.

Food waste is avoidable, it’s often just down to us to be more resourceful and organised with the produce that we’ve purchased. By planning a menu for the week, and only buying the food you need, you can dramatically cut down on food waste, and your shopping bills.

Using a Dairy Diary is a great tool for planning your meals, and inspiring some seasonal dishes that will go down a treat with the family.

Don’t forget, by using your Plumbs’ Dairy Delivery you can get some of your food essentials delivered straight to your door so you can order them when you need them, rather than buying too much in one go.

Buy What You Need

It’s far too easy to overspend and overbuy when you’re food shopping. With all the exciting deals and offers, you can end up coming home with more food than you really need – and unfortunately this food often goes to waste.

Rather than being lured into offers that will create waste, look at ways in which you can steer away from going over the top.

A great trick to try when you’re in the supermarket, is to set a timer of how quickly you can do your food shop. You’ll race around only getting what you need, rather than pondering on all the offers.

Having your milk delivered regularly by Plumb’s can also help, as you can set your pint quantity to exactly what you use, so you won’t have to pour gone-off milk down the sink, which is a huge waste.

Purchase Local Produce

Supermarket produce has often been manufactured in a way that it perishes not long after it hits the basket. Let alone, for how long it has been in storage before you’ve purchased it!

Instead it’s much better to buy local produce that hasn’t travelled the food miles of the supermarket, and it is likely to have fewer of the chemical nasties that make it ‘look fresh’.

At Plumb’s we take great pride in offering a range of local produce such as honey and vegetable boxes that can be delivered to your door.

When you buy fresh, local produce, it not only tastes better, but gives you the opportunity to truly appreciate the food you’re eating and where it has come from. By making this conscious connection, you’re less inclined to waste it, and instead become more resourceful in the multiple ways you could use it.

Make and Freeze

Leftovers don’t belong in the bin, they are the components of your next great meal!

While it may be hard to find the time to think of another dish you could cook, it’s a food waste crime to think that they should be thrown away.

Instead, look at what else could be made. For example, if you’ve got some leftover bread or cake, why not make it into a delicious bread and butter pudding, or all that veg that gets left over from the Sunday roast – that can be transformed into a hearty vegetable soup.

When organising your weekly menu, look in your cupboards and in your fridge to what you can use-up first, before buying everything from scratch. Getting into this habit, will help you significantly cut down on food waste, and dramatically drop those food bills.

Keep essentials such as milk, butter and eggs, in your regular Plumb’s delivery, as these can be the foundations for your leftover meals.

We hope that we’ve inspired you to cut down on your waste and join our movement.

Set-up your Plumbs’ Dairy Delivery and get more to your door, so you can cut down on food waste and continue to support the environment.