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More to your door – Our top product picks that we deliver

By susie 1 year ago
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In today’s world, we all live busy lives. Trying to juggle work, caring for loved ones, and running a household, and then trying to remain social – we are time poor and quite often exhausted!

We know this is the case for many of our customers, which is why at Plumbs’ Dairy we take great pride in offering a wide range of deliverable products straight to your door, so you don’t have to worry about ‘popping to the shops’ when the milk has gone off, or forgetting to get the essentials in for breakfast.

After all, these little trips can become even more of a frustration when the cold dark nights begin to loom. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to go back outside once they’re nice and warm inside.

So to help you make the most of your Plumb’s delivery and put an end to those quick trips to the shop in your pyjamas, we’ve shared below our top product picks that you can have delivered straight to your front door.

Stour Valley Honey

We love supporting local businesses, which is why we’re delighted to be supplying our customers with locally produced honey from beekeepers Kevin and Julie Thorn at Stour Valley Apiaries.

Established in 2017 on a farm in Suffolk, they took their love of beekeeping to a new level when they decided to start selling the delicious honey their bees were making.

As some of you may well know, there are some incredible health benefits from eating locally produced honey, as it’s said honey produced from local pollen can help reduce reactions to hay fever as well as provide a good dose of antioxidants.

However, as well as the incredible health benefits, we simply love the taste of this naturally sweet treat. Whether it’s smothered on a warm, buttery crumpet or added to a fresh brew of coffee.

And now you can enjoy this natural honey in your next Plumb’s delivery. View the full range here, and choose runny honey or soft set honey.

Durstons Compost

We are well aware that autumn is a busy time in the garden, which means you’re probably preparing for loading heavy bags of compost into your car – both a painful and frustrating task for all gardeners.

But at Plumb’s we provide a variety of Durstons Compost which can be delivered straight to your front door without you having to break a sweat.

Durstons is a reputable supplier of plant products with over 150 years’ experience, which enables them to provide high-quality products that will help you grow fruitful crops and beautiful flowers.

From multi-purpose compost to fertiliser, we have a full range of Durstons products that can help you prepare your garden and create a nutritious bed of soil ready for next year’s crop.

With this in hand, you can concentrate on spending your time clearing away decaying vegetation and preparing the garden for the cold winter months ahead.

Who knew you could avoid the stress of the garden centre and just enjoy the garden? Add it to your delivery from here. 

Dairy Diary

If you’re looking to get organised and inspired, at Plumbs’ Dairy we supply the popular Dairy Diary.

This A5 weekly diary includes memorable stickers, and new recipes on each week. Helping you keep on top of those important tasks and feel inspired when creating your next home-cooked meal.

The Dairy Diary has continued to be a popular product with our customers, which is no surprise considering it’s been Britain’s most popular diary since 1982.

Whether it’s to help you be more proactive with your social calender or power through your to-do-list, or even give to a friend or relative as a gift, we can send a Dairy Diary with your next delivery.

Helping you save time and get more organised just became even easier. Add a Dairy Diary to your next Plumb’s delivery and start planning your 2019!


If you’re lucky enough to have a fire in your home, you’ll know the complete and utter bliss that a natural fire can bring. Warming up the house gently and providing that warm red glow that makes everything feel so cosy and relaxed after a long day.

 But on the other side of the coin, there’s the task of fetching logs and trying to fit as many in your car as possible in the hope they’ll see you through a long harsh winter.

It’s one of those life tasks made even worse by a drizzle of rain, and the fact you then have to clean your car in the aftermath of collecting logs.

We feel your pain at Plumbs’ Dairy, which is why we’re thrilled to take away your pain and let you know that you can add logs and kindling to your delivery.

So you can say goodbye to carrying heavy bags of logs to your car, and hello to our helpful team at Plumb’s who will deliver your logs straight to your door.

We feel it’s one of life’s small pleasures that can go a long way. View our full range of logs and smokeless fuel here, and add what you need to your next delivery.


You know how it goes – someone uses the milk and leaves the smallest drop in the bottle that can barely make an acceptable cup of tea, let alone drench your cornflakes.

It has to be one of the most annoying situations. Especially, when it’s early in the morning, and life already feels hard because it’s so cold and dark outside.

Getting your milk delivered by Plumbs’ Dairy’s will not only help to save your breakfast but makes life just that little bit easier. Milk for tea, you’ll have some. Milk for breakfast, you’ll have plenty. Milk for entertaining guests, no longer a worry.

And just to make you feel even better about this life hack, we can deliver your milk in glass bottles rather than plastic, which means you can reduce your plastic footprint.

Arrange your Plumb’s milk delivery here.