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The buzz about Stour Valley Apiaries

By susie 1 year ago
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In Summer 2018 Plumbs’ Dairy became a supplier of local honey from Stour Valley Apiaries.

As you all know by now, we love finding local produce and supporting local growers so that we can bring our customers the most delicious local food.

If you’ve not yet been introduced to Stour Valley Apiaries, here’s the buzz on where they are and what they’re bringing to your door.

Pure Passion

After taking up Bee Keeping as a hobby, Kevin Thorn soon found that his love for the busy creatures had him creating his own honey.

Kevin loves looking after his bees and breeding new Queens and took up his hobby full time when he retired early in 2015 from a career in Banking.

A year later his wife Julie left the Bank too to help market their Honey at Farmers’ Markets and get creative with their Beeswax.

Based in rural Suffolk, Stour Valley Apiaries was soon established and they have since seen a growing interest in all of their products.

Now with 78 beehives on 14 Apiaries across Suffolk, they’re delighted that they can bring local honey and beeswax products to the area. They have plans to expand to 120 hives on 20 Apiaries.

A Taste For Everyone

With a honey range that now includes runny honey and soft set honey, we’re delighted to have this homegrown produce on the shelves at Plumbs’ Dairy.

Honey is a natural product that is sweet to taste. Runny Honey is great in hot drinks, with porridge and fruit while Soft Set Honey spreads thickly on bread and crumpets. Recent NHS advice says to have a spoonful of honey before taking tablets at the onset of a cold or cough.

Whichever your preference, try adding honey to your recipes and we know that Stour Valley Honey will soon become a favourite in your home.

Add Stour Valley honey to your next Plumbs’ Delivery, and get to know what the buzz is all about.


Julie obtained a cosmetic licence for their tested beeswax and has developed her range of beeswax products to include the very popular and environmentally friendly Beeswax Wraps. Made with 100% cotton and infused with their beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil this is a better alternative to clingfilm to wrap your cheese, fruit, bread, pastry, cooked meats and to cover bowls of leftovers. Simply wipe down and rinse with cool tap water, leave to dry and store in the fridge to use again and again.