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Plumbs’ Dairy, a local milk delivery in Cambridgeshire, has revealed they sold 2,239,479 pints of milk glasses bottles to their customers in 2018. Plumbs’ Dairy has always delivered milk in glass bottles since it began doing local rounds in 1952, but with plastic pollution taking centre stage they’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of customers switching from plastic bottles to glass milk bottles. Commenting on the incredible number of glass bottles of milk

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Christmas products need to be ordered by 10th December to ensure they are delivered on time On the first day of Christmas, your milkman brought to you… A jar of chutney from The Bay Tree. On the second day of Christmas, your milk lady brought to you… Two free-range turkeys… …and a jar of chutney from The Bay Tree. On the third day of Christmas, your milkman brought to you… Three Christmas puddings two free-range

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In 2018 the Government funded organisation WRAP started the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign, which aims to get the UK to stop putting so much food waste in the bin. At present it’s estimated that the UK throws away £13 billion of food each year, which per household equates to £470 of food being put in the bin, when it could have been eaten. While the cost might make you squirm, the underlying issue is

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In today’s world, we all live busy lives. Trying to juggle work, caring for loved ones, and running a household, and then trying to remain social – we are time poor and quite often exhausted! We know this is the case for many of our customers, which is why at Plumbs’ Dairy we take great pride in offering a wide range of deliverable products straight to your door, so you don’t have to worry about

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As the old saying goes – we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children. And that’s exactly why as a society we need to begin educating our children at home about the importance of living sustainably so we can continue to pass on this beautiful world for generations to come. Research has found that the UK only recycles 45% of its waste. This is far lower than other

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The impact of plastic pollution on our environment has reached a critical level. And while there are many small changes you can make as an individual, businesses and large corporations also need to start making changes. At present, Penzance has become Britain’s first plastic-free town, and 330 towns have pledged to do the same. 1) Reusable coffee cups  Getting the morning or afternoon coffee run can often mean someone running to the local cafe to

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When you think about going plastic free as a business, it can be easy to look at the bigger problems first and feel overwhelmed at the task. But even starting with small switches, such as swapping your plastic milk bottles to glass bottles can make a staggering impact. While it’s estimated that businesses cost the UK £15 billion per year in waste that could be recycled, even the small impact of using an average of

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With the demand for doorstep milk deliveries increasing exponentially due to customers joining the fight against plastic and choosing traditional glass milk bottles, there is a revolution in milk delivery occurring across the county. Milk delivery men and women are now in hot demand. As we look to add new recruits to our growing team here at Plumbs’ Dairy, we’ve decided to reveal exactly what makes life great when you take on the role on

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At Plumbs’ Dairy we’re proud to be supporting the fight against plastic pollution by offering milk in glass bottles. While to some this may seem like a drop in the ocean, if we all made small changes to our lifestyle to use less plastic we would make a dramatic impact on the environment. We’re passionate about helping to support the campaign against single use plastic, so we’ve decided to share with you some of the

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We can no longer ignore the plastic pollution that is currently ravaging the world that we live in, and it’s time that we all began to play our part in clearing up the mess. In the UK we’ve become accustomed to a throw-away lifestyle where we take no consideration for where our rubbish ends up or how long it will take to decompose. Plastic bottles are one of the biggest examples of this, with 38.5

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