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Cambridgeshire continues to choose glass over plastic

By susie 1 year ago
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Glass continues to be the people’s choice in Cambridge as it’s revealed Plumbs’ Dairy, a local milk delivery in Cambridgeshire, has seen an increase in people choosing glass milk bottles over plastic.

In 2018 Plumbs’ Dairy sold 2,239,479 pints of milk in glass bottles to their customers, their latest data reveals this went up by (14%) in 2019 with 2,573,980 milk glass bottles sold.

While the plastic-conscious public have been purchasing their milk in glass bottles, Plumbs’ Dairy has also seen an increase in businesses choosing to go plastic-free. Plumbs’ currently service 1100 businesses across the Cambridgeshire area including well-known eateries such as Hot Numbers, Aristocaters, Boswells and Dorringtons.

Plumbs’ Dairy has always delivered milk in glass bottles since it began doing local rounds in 1952, but with the environmental crisis highlighted in the media, Plumbs’ have seen a consistent increase in those choosing glass bottles over plastic.

Commenting on the continuing rise of glass bottles of milk sold, owner Justin said, “last years figures are fantastic and we are delighted to be able to offer our service to both new and existing customers so that everyone can make a start reducing their reliance on plastic and in supporting our great product from Great British farms”.

In 2018, the government created the plastics pact alongside WRAP, which pledged to make plastic packaging 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025. However, as the current capacity for recycling plastic is extremely limited, with 39 different plastic recycling rules across the UK, many people have taken their plastic footprint into their own hands and begun to make the decision to ditch plastic.

With the climate crisis at the forefront of leaders minds around the world, the turn of a new decade may see more dramatic changes to products currently packaged in single-use plastic.

Make a small change and switch to glass today!