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Everything you need to know about Simon’s Marmalade

By susie 1 year ago
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simons marmAbout them

Simon’s Table was set up in May 2018 by Simon himself and his wife Nicola. The Norfolk based brand was originally started to sell Simon’s Marmalade. Simon had spent 34 years practicing and perfecting his recipe, and only sharing the results with his family and friends.

Now, they are supplying all over East Anglia and there’s no stopping them.

Rich, Dark and Tangy

Simon’s interpretation of Marmalade is different from the ordinary stuff. He likes his Marmalade Rich, Dark and Tangy.

To achieve richness, the Seville Oranges are boiled for a lot longer, to bring out as much flavour as possible.

To darken the marmalade, after the sugar is added, the oranges are boiled very slowly to allow the sugars in the oranges to caramelise slightly.

Finally, for tanginess, Lemons are also added to the recipe.

In order to cater to both peel lovers and haters, Simon has even endeavoured to cut the peel into a very precise 9mm squares, so they are barely noticeable.

It’s not just toast 

Ever tried marmalade and goats cheese? Simon’s Marmalade in particular would go beautifully with some salty goat’s cheese on a cheeseboard. The salts in the cheese reduces the bitterness of the Oranges and bring out the sweetness.

Not a fan? Why not bake it into hot cross buns? Substitute out the sugar for marmalade, the orange pairs with the cinnamon and has a gorgeous aroma.

What about combining with a few drops of vinegar, and using it as a sweet & sour salad dressing? Don’t forget the goats cheese!

There’s more

Simon has come up with his own London dry gin infused marmalade, which is selling particularly well and for more information, visit their facebook page.

Anything is possible with high quality local ingredients created with real passion.

Find it and other local produce here and add it to your order. Then add it to any meal to truly look like a gastronomical genius!