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Going green about cleaning

By susie 2 years ago
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Since 2018 Plumbs’ Dairy has been the supplier of natural cleaning products, Greenscents.

With a passion for protecting the planet, we felt that adding Greenscents to our product range was great way to add more variety to the eco friendly products we supply to our customers. We all have to clean our homes, but shouldn’t we do it in a way that not only leaves our house clean but the earth free from chemicals too?

We’re aware that Greenscents is a unique brand, which is why we wanted to introduce you to these incredible products and how they’re making an impact on the planet by making the products we use in our homes safe for us and the earth.

An Organic Lifestyle

Founded by partners Peter and Christina Hawkes, Greenscents was an idea created by the couple due to the skin allergies they were experiencing to synthetic cleaning products and detergents.

With nothing suitable on the market for sensitive skin, Peter and Christina decided to create their own range of organic cleaning products.

Handmade in the Greenscents’ workshop in Somerset, the company has become recognised as a pioneer in producing effective, yet safe cleaning products, and is certified by The Soil Association, Cruelty-Free International, Allergy UK and The Vegan Society.

Founding Partner Christina Hawkes says, “Cleaning and laundry products deserve better!  The Greenscents’ range is perfect for those who are concerned about the health of their family and the future of the planet.  At Greenscents, we strive to create products you can be proud of with beautiful, sustainable packaging that looks great anywhere in your home”.

Just when you thought Greenscents couldn’t get any more green, their bottles are created from the waste products from sugarcane, as opposed to polyethylene. This means Greenscents’ bottles can be recycled in a more environmentally friendly way than traditional plastic bottles.

Pure for Planet and Home

Every product in the Greenscents range is certified organic by The Soil Association and contains more than 72% certified organic ingredients.

In 2017, research carried out by Ethical Consumer confirmed that Greenscents was the most ethical brand available in the UK for laundry liquid, washing up liquid and multi-surface sprays.

People choose Greenscents for a variety of reasons: they may have skin allergies or want to make the purest choices for their children or are gradually converting their whole life to organic living.

Add Greenscents to your next delivery and start making your cleaning green.