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How to Have a Very Merry & Sustainable Christmas

By susie 1 year ago
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The Christmas songs have started to be played on the radio and in the shops, and the kids have already handed over their wish list. And while Christmas is the time to be merry, it’s also the perfect seasonal event to change some of our bad habits.

After all, we would all like to be on Santa’s nice list. As the old saying goes – joy to the world.

So, this Christmas, why not make an effort to make some sustainable changes that could help both people and the planet. To help you along, we’ve listed some easy changes you can make during the festive period to reduce your waste and be more sustainable.

Make Your Own Cards 

It’s easy to be tempted to purchase the sparkly and excessive Christmas cards, but many of these cannot be recycled.

In the UK alone, one billion Christmas cards are sold every year, many of which are embellished with plastic or glitter.

However, these additions make Christmas cards non-recyclable. Rather than part with your pennies on cards that will end up in land-fill, make your own! All you need is some recycled card, ink stamps, pens and your creative imagination.

Discover Natural Decorations 

While most of our Christmas decorations are reused over the years, many of them can begin to deteriorate over time, leaving tiny bits of plastic in our environment. From plastic baubles to tinsel, none of these items can be recycled, leaving them to enter landfill.

If you need new decorations this year, look to adopt natural decorations that aren’t made from plastic. From wood and bamboo to paper and card. You can even spend some time crafting your own paper chains and snowflakes to add that Christmas craft feel to your home.

Even painting twigs, drying traditional Christmas fruits or adding pine cones to your tree can help to give your home that festive vibe.

Go Green on the Wrapping 

This may come to as shock, but much of the Christmas wrapping paper you find in shops is actually lined with a small amount of plastic.

Making it a recycling nightmare! From wrapping paper covered in glitter to those with plastic films, it can be hard to find wrapping paper that doesn’t harm the planet. 

According to The Telegraph, we use enough wrapping to wrap around the equator nine times. When you put it like this, it’s hard to deny that wrapping paper needs an environmentally friendly update. Rather than buy your wrapping paper from a shop, look to create your own using brown paper, which is fully recyclable.

You can then wrap it in ribbons or string, with pine cones or other seasonal additions that are all-natural.

Don’t Waste Turkey

Food waste in the UK is a big problem. As we’ve revealed before the UK throws away £13 billion worth of food each year.

While Christmas is often the time for large family feasts and big gatherings with friends, food waste can become a problem. Not only is it a waste of many, but it is a huge waste of food. As well as learning how to transform your leftovers into extra dinners, look at any other food that could be donated to a homeless shelter or food bank.

During Christmas, many charities are seeking support with food, so get in touch with your local food bank to find out what they can and cannot take. You never know, those extra mince pies that aren’t being eaten could make someone’s Christmas.

Ditch The Plastic Bottles 

As a social season, Christmas is the time when everyone wants to see you and pop around for a good catch-up. With this in mind, hot drinks of tea, coffee and hot chocolate all become a given, which means you often need more milk than you usually drink.

Milk in plastic bottles is one thing that you can easily reduce with the help of Plumb’s.

We can deliver the milk you need straight to your door and in a glass bottle. It’s just another simple step in making Christmas more sustainable.