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Life on the milk-round – what it’s really like to work on the milk float

By susie 3 years ago
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With the demand for doorstep milk deliveries increasing exponentially due to customers joining the fight against plastic and choosing traditional glass milk bottles, there is a revolution in milk delivery occurring across the county. Milk delivery men and women are now in hot demand.

As we look to add new recruits to our growing team here at Plumbs’ Dairy, we’ve decided to reveal exactly what makes life great when you take on the role on of a rounds-man/woman.

After all, it’s certainly not your average office job. But as we hope you’ll discover, there is far more to delivering milk than just being able to drive a milk float.


Work-Life Balance

Depending on your area and the number of deliveries that need completing, you can begin your milk-round between 1am and 3am. The early mornings may sound painful, but when you finish work by 8am there’s nothing better than spending a warm afternoon in the garden with a cold beverage.

For those with a family to consider, these times can truly make the difference in creating work-life harmony, as many of our rounds-men and women can be home to pick the children up from school and enjoy a family dinner together. It’s moments like these, that make those early mornings worthwhile.

Being able to set your own pace during your delivery is also an added bonus, as the only people you need to please are the customers.

“I’ve been doing the job for 30-years. I love the freedom the jobs gives me to pursue other hobbies and commitments.” – Ian Sobey, 55, Plumb’s Dairy Roundsman.


Supporting the Community

Milk delivery has been part of our British Heritage since the 1700’s. In fact, there is almost nothing more iconic about the fabric of life than having those glass bottles placed at your front door.

As rounds-men and women are local to the area, they are often well-known and well-liked, because we like to go that extra mile for our customers. Especially for the elderly, who do not often get visitors or have an able pair of hands to help. For example, it’s been a common occurrence for some of our team to help put batteries in fire alarms, put a lightbulb in or undo the tops of water bottles to help arthritic customers.

Being that extra pair of eyes and ears in the community can mean we’re the first in helping and supporting the locals. While at first glance being on the milk float may seem simple, to many it’s a role with real meaning and purpose.

“I find the job very rewarding, and love the physical aspect, as it means I don’t have to join a gym!” – Helen Tom, 45, Plumb’s Dairy Roundswoman.


Another World

If you’re one to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, then you may be surprised at what you can experience when doing an early morning milk-round. From hearing the hoots of owls to watching the foxes lingering about for scraps of food. Even the magnificent sunrises are often sights that only a rounds-man or rounds-woman get to experience before anyone has even risen.

During the spring the smell of fresh flowers after a drop of early-morning rain can replenish the soul, while the sight of an autumnal sun rising over the roofs is enough for anyone to stop and stare.


Job Security

 You only need to look in the local newspapers to know that a role in milk delivery is often a job for life. Our longest standing milk merchant – Martin has been with us for 32 years, with other local delivery drivers spending well-over 20 years’ in the industry.

“With this job I like the fact that there’s no pressure. Unlike some jobs where management are breathing down your neck. At Plumbs’ Dairy you get on with it yourself. You control your own hours. It’s a bit like having your own business.” – Dean Russell, 32, Plumb’s Dairy Roundsman.

The fact is, milk is in demand, and with a growing number of products available for customers, doorstep delivery is a convenient and familiar concept that locals love.

Yes, the role of a delivery rounds-man or rounds-woman is certainly not what it seems at first glance. If you like the sound of being part of something purposeful and wish to find a role with us here at Plumbs’ Dairy, we’re always on the lookout for good, reliable, dedicated delivery staff so contact us today.