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One simple change to help your business go plastic free

By susie 3 years ago
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When you think about going plastic free as a business, it can be easy to look at the bigger problems first and feel overwhelmed at the task. But even starting with small switches, such as swapping your plastic milk bottles to glass bottles can make a staggering impact.

While it’s estimated that businesses cost the UK £15 billion per year in waste that could be recycled, even the small impact of using an average of 4 pints of milk a week, is adding 208 plastic bottles to the problem. That’s a significant amount that you could reduce quickly, without it dramatically affecting your business.

Single-use plastics is one of the biggest contributors to the issue, and while there has been a big push on consumers to change their lifestyle habits, it’s also just as important as a business to address such environmental changes.

So far in 2018 more than 40 businesses, including Britain’s biggest supermarkets, and brands such as Coca-Cola and Nestle, have pledged to remove single-use plastics in the UK in an effort to battle the pollution crisis. And while you may be thinking that your small business can’t make a difference, the fact is no matter how big or small your company, your business can become part of the revolution against plastic.

To date, Plumbs’ currently provide milk in glass bottles to a number of Cambridgeshire businesses looking to support the plastic pact.

“With our regular delivery service we would be delighted to support customers in their drive to cut down on waste by supplying reusable glass bottles for their milk”, comments our founder Justin.

If your business is still on the fence about making the switch, we’ve listed exactly why you should be joining us.


Going Green is Good For Business


Society as a whole is becoming increasingly aware of its damage to the world, and this translates into what and how we buy as consumers.

The stage is now open for more awareness, and as consumers we are becoming increasingly conscious who we spend our money with. In fact, we’ve never been more educated about where products come from, how they are made and by who.

And it’s not just a matter of corporate responsibility. In the most recent research by Mintel, 56% of consumers stop buying from companies which they believe are unethical.

If your business isn’t doing right by its customers, you may find yourself falling out of favour.

In today’s social media dominated world, 29% of consumers take to social media to share their support of ethical companies and 34% use the platform to tell others when they perceive a brand to be making ethical actions or actions that are honest, fair and responsible.

So ethics and what a brand stands for is becoming much more important in the buying decision.

As a business, you should be strengthening your case for the consumer by understanding that people want to know where you stand, and you need to take action and not just pay issues lip-service.


Your Global Mark Matters


You may believe your company is too small, or too local to make a wider impact on the environment. But this is not the case. For example, a plastic bottle dropped in the sea off Cornwall may well be dragged through the channel towards Scandinavia.

When an environmental issue is so global, it can be incredibly hard to imagine how your efforts can make a wider difference. A drop in the ocean may be how it feels, but surely it’s better to make your drop a clean one?

Plastic pollution is happening everywhere, even on UK beaches, with 718 pieces of litter found for every 100 metre stretch of UK beach. This isn’t a pollution problem that’s far-away, that we can simply wash our hands of and pretend to ignore.

Plastic pollution is real, and as consumers and businesses we all need to make small changes for the greater good of the world we wish to live in.


Supporting local business


When you choose Plumbs’ Dairy, you’re supporting a local business, and helping the Cambridgeshire area become more environmentally friendly. You’re not only making a simple step to go plastic free, you’re making a conscious decision to be part of the community.

Take the first step in your fight against plastic and arrange your Plumbs’ Milk Delivery today.