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Our summer essentials for every event

By susie 1 year ago
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Summer is a social time of year, and whether you’re looking to host the best BBQ of the year, venture out with a picnic or have friends over for the ultimate brunch, at Plumb’s we’ve got all your summer essentials covered. So you can truly be the host with the most.

Of course, the best part about our range of products is that they’re not only local, but they can all be delivered straight to your front door. Which means no queueing in the shops or getting stuck in traffic. Instead, you can spend your time sprucing up your home ready for your guests.

No matter the social event of summer, here are our essentials that you should add to your next order.

BBQ Meat

No BBQ gets a good reputation without premium quality meat, which is why we’re delighted to now be offering Measures Master Butchers BBQ meat packs.

With ribs, sausages, burgers and chicken wings, there’s a full range of high-quality meat that you can add to your BBQ menu. Which means even the most hard to please foodies will be kept happy.

Of course, no BBQ is complete without a good range of accompaniments, so we would highly recommend creating a delicious homemade coleslaw or fresh potato salad. Or if you’re really feeling experimental, why not try to bake your own homemade brioche buns? 

BBQ Charcoal 

Don’t leave it until the last minute and risk a coal shortage at your local petrol station! Add it to your next order and have it delivered straight to your door. Grab 5kg of Lumpwood charcoal for £5.99 or two for £10.99.

Strawberries & Cream

Summer and strawberries go hand in hand. Whether you’re adding them to your jug of Pimms or splashing them with fresh cream, strawberries are a necessity when the sunshine arrives.

At Plumb’s, we’ve got a full range of punnet size available, so no matter how you’re serving them, you can choose an amount that’s just right for your summer event.

As well as eating them fresh with a little sugar and cream, they also make the perfect addition to a traditional summer trifle. Just in case you need a dessert idea to for that summer BBQ.

Honey & Marmalade

Brunch has to be Britain’s favourite meal. After all, what’s more fun than combining two meals into one long meal with friends?

If you’re big on brunching and want to host a summer brunch of your own, we have locally produced honey and marmalade that will know the socks off your guests.

Whether it’s smothered on warm, buttery toast, or drizzled on pancakes, these high-quality preserves provide a taste sensation for those with a sweet tooth. 

Natural Yoghurt

This year we became a supplier of Tim’s natural yoghurt.

As well as a lighter option for a sweet treat, Tim’s yoghurt is also perfect for the little ones on a hot summer’s day. From giving them a pot with some fresh fruit to freezing it and making the yoghurt into yoghurt pops. With such a range of flavours, including raspberry and toffee, it will keep the kids cool and easily pleased.

However, if you fancy a healthy but seriously tasty treat, we recommend adding Stour Valley Apiaries Honey to a pot of Tim’s Greek Yogurt.

With a full range of fresh and local produce ready to make your summer the tastiest yet, don’t forget to add these essentials to your next Plumb’s order.