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School Mornings Made Easy With Plumbs

By susie 1 year ago
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Just when you thought the summer holidays would never end, the beginning of a new school year begins once again.

But along with the back to school buzz also comes the busy mornings. From school runs to ensuring they eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast, school mornings are a hurdle that feels like a never-ending list of demands and timelines.

Iron and clean uniform, pack lunches packed, new pencil case stocked, and that’s as well as ensuring they’ve brushed their hair before they walk out the door.

To help make mornings that little bit more manageable, we’ve listed all the ways Plumbs can help you get out the door feeling less frazzled.

Breakfast Options

Breakfast can be a challenge in itself, especially when it comes to offering a healthy variety that the kids will actually eat.

To help you provide them with a menu of delicious options, at Plumb’s we have a range of products that can make breakfasts more enjoyable.

Ditch the boring cereal, and opt for some of our favourite choices from the Plumb’s pantry.

From local eggs scrambled on toast to Tim’s Dairy Yogurt topped with fresh fruit. Or if you’re feeling like something special, add a drizzle of Stour Valley local Honey to a toasted hot cross bun.

With so many options here at Plumb’s you can add the whole menu to your cart and have everything delivered to your door. No-fuss necessary!

One of Their Five-a-Day

Getting kids to eat their five-a-day is a challenge when they recoil from anything that looks green.

But at Plumb’s, we have a range of fresh fruit juices that can accompany their breakfast to help give them at least one of their five-a-day.

Serve it in an ice-cold glass, or blend it with more fresh fruit and veg to give them a super smoothie to kick start their day.

Milk Delivered To Your Door

Whether you’re pouring milk on cereal or adding it to a cup of tea, milk is a necessity at breakfast. Which means there’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting it, or realising you’ve run out right when the kids have finally sat at the table.

To ensure your mornings don’t have any unnecessary stress, get your milk delivered by Plumb’s straight to your door.

That way you’ll have regular fresh milk delivered without worrying that you have to dash out before school to collect some from the corner shop.

Plus, at Plumb’s our milk comes in glass milk bottles, so you can make the switch and feel good that your choice is going one step further to reduce plastic pollution.

With a range of products that can make your mornings easier, join us at Plumb’s today and start getting those school morning essentials delivered straight to your door.